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Gummed Paper Tape


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Gummed Paper Tape

Gummed Paper Tape

We have range of gummed paper tapes that are perfect for neatly and securely sealing boxes and cartons before for shipment or storing on the shelf. Gummed paper tape are water-resistant and work well in more humid conditions, so they are an ideal choice for packaging boxes for export.If you need extra strength or security then we have taped that are reinforced giving extra strength and durability to the sealed carton or cardboard box.

Gummed paper tape is 100% recyclable and cost effective. It is a water activated carton sealing tape which increases box and carton integrity and also provides an extra barrier against theft from cardboard boxes.When combined with our range of manual and electric gummed tape dispensers this way of sealing boxes and cartons closed provides a cost effective, time saving and professional carton sealing solutions.

When gummed paper tape is wet the glue or adhesives in the tape will penetrate into the fibres of the carton or box and form weld to form a strong bond. The tape will virtually become part of the carton structure and it is this that adds to the strength giving added strength to the structure of the box and blending with the cardboard to provide a better level of presentation compared with standard packaging tapes



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